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Wills & Estate Administration

A lot of clients are unaware of the issues involved in the preparation of a will. We have to consider whether there are relationship property issues to be taken into account, or whether the person making the will has obligations to provide for certain family members in his or her will.

It is sometimes advisable to enter into an agreement "Contracting Out" of the provisions of the Property (Relationships) Act at the same time as you sign a will. Before instructing us to prepare a will for you, we would advise you to think about your funeral in your will. Whether you want to direct that your body be cremated or buried. You should also consider whether or not you wish to make any requests such as leaving your jewellery to someone. We also recommend that you decide upon the appointment of the executors of your will. The executors are the persons responsible for ensuring the provisions of the will are implemented.

Where the willmaker has young children we also advise that he or she appoints a testamentary guardian or guardians for the children. We aim to make the process as stress free as possible, to ensure that all preparations are made in time for your loved ones.

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